The Dreamers

AKA The Dark Ages

The Dreamers era was defined as starting after Robomaster 2019 when the Golden Generation made their last stand at the competition. Two years of experience was passed onto the next wave of students who would carry on Triton Robotics’ mission. The Dreamers are the members who helped transform Triton Robotics into the student organization that it is today through sheer ambition and dedication. The era ends with the resignation of Cris Madla as Triton Robotics’ president.

At any point, the club could dissolve without the support and sacrifice of each member defined in this era. There were many periods of uncertainty that plagued the success of the club. We want to thank those who ushered the robotics movement at UCSD. To the returning members who carried the torch and helped ensure the stability of the club. For this, we thank you. To all the new members who joined this team and stayed knowing that their will be struggles. For this, we thank you. To the alumni and faculty who served as mentors and provided any assistance possibility. For this, we thank you.

Special Thanks to the Original Six:
Trent Clements
Kevin Lam
Xuanchen (Charles) Lu
Steven Luyapan
Kwangbok (Jay) Roh
Yitian (Tony) Wang

Honorable mention to the Early Adopters:
Zhaoyi (Lucy) Guo
Kyle Hu
Zikang (Vincent) Li