A Message From Our Team

We are always looking to welcome in new dedicated and talented members to our team. Our main recruitment periods are usually during the first weeks of Fall & Winter Quarter of each academic year. During these periods, we are able to conduct a formal recruitment process, from training, skill evaluation and to full member induction. During main recruitment periods you will see a a button linked to a google form at the bottom. Inquiries during any other time will be consider a part of rolling recruitment. Standards are raised during rolling recruitment, as we are mostly looking for individuals with skills that will allow them to immediately contribute to our engineering or business efforts.


  • To create a robotics community and team where students can apply their knowledge in real applications, beyond the classroom
  • To offer the opportunity for beginners to learn and grow as well as provide a challenging environment for the experienced to gain industry transferable skills

UPDATE: Winter 2022 Applications are CLOSED. If you are still interested in joining, fill out this form for off-season recruitment

The Process


We will release a google forms asking for basic information, a resume, a short introduction video and any other relevant work or experience.


Our recruitment board will filter through all the application looking for individuals who stand out or show potential. We hope to recruit individuals from a wide range of skill sets from beginner to advance, taking into account academic year, previous engineering endeavors or leadership roles. While we do look for people who are technically qualified, one of the founding motivations for Triton Robotics was to create platform were students can come to learn. We are willing to take beginners under our wing, but we ask that these individuals show dedication and and maturity to learn.


We will invite potential members to our training program, or “on-boarding” process where we hope to instill or confirm the basic skills and knowledge needed to contribute meaningfully. During this period, a trainee is not a full member and their induction is not guaranteed. This will include, but not limited to, gaining familiarity with RoboMaster, and sub-team roles, developing an understanding of a proper design cycle with documentation, and familiarity with software/hardware that each sub-team deals with. During this process we hope to get to know each trainee as a person and how they think. We believe this is a necessary process as the scale of RoboMaster is a demanding challenge and necessitates a team of individuals that can rely on each other during the toughest of times. We are mainly looking for honesty, maturity and commitment which we value above anything else. First and foremost we want to build a team with great chemistry.


After successfully going through a short training we hope to assign trainees a relevant project to give each person a chance to show case their skills. This is mean to verify that an individual can self-manage and complete a development tasks in a timely fashion which is the core basis of our operation. After completion we hope to invite those who have persevered to become a full members of our team.


  • In order to tackle the task of simultaneously developing several robotic platforms we are split into different sub-teams for each. Leads usually assign sub-projects to each member which are all vital components of either robot or software package. These projects will take anywhere from 2-7 weeks from beginning to completion.
  • Each member is expected to take ownership of their chosen or assigned sub-project and treat it as a professional body of work that they can be proud of. One should expect to undergo a full design process from setting performance targets, assessing technical and financial feasibility, sourcing materials/hardware, prototyping, testing & debugging while providing full documentation.
  • We want each member to be in continuous communication with each other, the leads and other relevant personal. We don’t like bureaucracy; we only focus on who can complete a task and do it well. We need each member to be honest with their commitment and to be proactive in asking questions. If you can’t do it, you need more time or help; the only thing we ask is that you let us know immediately.

Relevant Skills


  • Previous leadership or management roles and the ability to communicate effectively and bring out the best in people
  • Experience with financial management and planning as well as logistical administration
  • Demonstrated intuition and work in public relations, recruitment and member retention
  • Specialized Skills:
    • Photography/Videography with proficiency in Adobe CC or other alternative creative software
    • Design work in branding & merchandise
    • Management of social media and online presence (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website)
    • Ability to secure sponsorships or funding opportunities


  • Ability to trouble shoot & solve problems using fundamental engineering knowledge and provide designs that are efficient and cost effective.
  • Practical knowledge in designing and building things from the ground up. Familiarity with general manufacturing techniques (3D Printing, Laser/Water-Jet Cutting, Machine Shop tools etc.) along with awareness of GD&T.
  • Familiarity with Solidworks (or other CAD Package) and ability to work with complex assemblies. Drafting techniques should focus on robustness in order to preserve design intent despite dimensional changes.
  • Specialized Skills:
    • Proficiency in CAD including physical simulation, design optimization, and product rendering
    • Understanding of basic system modeling, control theory, electronic systems along familiarity with Matlab/Simulink
    • Experience in FEA (Solidworks, ANSYS, Abaqus)
    • Experience with any of the following: automotive vehicles, quad-copters & rockets
    • Coursework in Solid Mechanics, Dynamics, Thermal Analysis


  • Solid understanding of programming fundamentals. Experience or ability to learn C with a focus on embedded applications
  • Practical experience working with different actuators or sensors ( ex: BLDC motors, servos, pneumatics).
  • Previous experience with robotics, or micro-controller programming with STM32 (or other ARM based MCUs)
  • Familiarity or working knowledge of common communication protocols including but not limited to CAN Bus, UART, SPI
  • Specialized Skills:
    • PCB hardware design & knowledge on power distribution and control application
    • Knowledge on different control schemes & tuning methods (ex: PID)
    • Adept embedded knowledge – RTOS, CMSIS Standards


  • Solid understanding of programming and a grasp of image processing and deep learning fundamentals. Experience or ability to learn C++ & Python
  • Familiarity or working knowledge of common CV libraries such as Tensor Flow (Keras) & Open CV
  • Previous experience working with NVIDIA Jetson TX2, or other Linux based platforms
  • Specialized Skills:
    • Familiarity or working knowledge of ROS w/ simulators (Gazebo, Rviz, PyBullet) or Unity
    • Knowledge of Bug, RRT & A* algorithms

If you are interested in any of these roles, and the application is not open, fill out this form. You will be placed in the offseason recruitment pool which is more strict than fall or winter recruitment.