Infantry Robot

The Infantry Robot is the most mobile ground robotic platform in RoboMaster. It is equipped with a 17 mm projectile launcher capped at a 20 m/s launched speed. The infantry serves as force multiplier for the Hero Robot taking both a scouting and secondary offensive line role for the team. The infantry is meant for fast and aggressive play, rushing or flanking opponents.

Our third generation , the Infantry Mk.III is the latest of our longest line of development. Our emphasis with this iteration is to fine-tune existing mechanical mechanisms in order to make the design more compact and responsive. We are upgrading the infantry with a suite of new systems including a new computer vision system, super capacitor circuit, power management and the addition of an on board Nvidia Jetson TX2 to provide the required computational power. Our biggest challenge is optimized our computer vision algorithms to boost analysis frame rate in order to be effective in close quarter situations. This design is still currently under development for RoboMaster 2021.

Prototype Suspension Module

The primary back bone of RoboMaster 2019 was a pair of our Infantry MKII Heavy Ver. working along side an Infantry MK 1.5 Scout Ver. The infantry Heavy Ver. as designed to keep manufacturing cost low with mostly planar components. It featured an integrated wheel shield as part of the chassis and modular plating on the top. The Scout Ver. was an refurbished MKI infantry with a refreshed turret. It’s reliable double wish-bone suspension made it the perfect candidate to play a scouting role and gain strategic positions early in matches.

Aim Assists Tuning

Infantry MKII Heavy Ver. (left) & Infantry MK1.5 Scout Ver (right)