Hero Robot

The Hero Robot is the main offensive ground robot in RoboMaster. The hero is equipped with 42 mm projectiles with a capped speed of 16 m/s, accompanied by a secondary co-axial 17 mm projectile launcher modified from the infantry robot. This robot platform holds the capability to turn the tides during a match, capable of taking out an enemy infantry with two precise hits. However, this capability relies on a great support system as it relieas on the Engineer Robot to provide the 42 mm ammunition acquired from resource islands.

Our second-generation hero SP20 HERO MKIII is a newer compact design approach addressing the numerous weight distribution and size issues attributed to the last generation’s approach. It features an innovative bottom feed mechanism with an integrated ammunition stowage. This iteration of the hero features a whole suite of upgrade form an additional co-axial 17 mm, a computer vision system for automated target tracking and targeting, a super capacitor energy circuit, power distribution system all made possible by a Nvidia Jetson TX2. The design is still being developed for RoboMaster 2021.

Our first-generation hero WI19 HERO MKII V3.0, designed in 2018 opted for a top-fed, tank destroyer design. This restricted turret traversal range but provided for simpler ammo feeding design, resulting in an easy to manufacture design. With its reliability, the hero proved as a consistent performer during competition. It’s featured a large revolving ammo wheel on the top ammo tray to insure controlled feed of projectiles from via a custom designed tube to the main turret. Not shown in this CAD is a poly-carbonate netting used to form a frontal facet area. The chassis was made from a the combination of four modular wheel assemblies forming an even base for mounting other equipment.