Engineer Robot

Our current Engineer Robot SP20 MKIII V2 is a design optimized for the most recent competition field. This new engineer features an ammunition collection mechanism designed to acquire ammo boxes in a quick and automated sequence with simultaneous transfer to our Hero Robot. This all-new chassis design has been tested to support the heavy loads of the engineer and provides a modular base configuration for future upgrades and design directions. It features a side-loading ammunition box and a centralized multi-camera view system. We are currently designing additional towing capabilities to help extract immobilized robots to repair zones.

Our first-generation Engineer Robot, WI19 MKII was designed to escalate 200 mm high stairs to reach the resource island containing 42 mm ammunition in the RoboMaster 2019 area. It featured an unconventional small design compared to its counterparts on other teams, taking advantage of a unique hinge that combined multiple motions required for retrieval into a singular geometric driven path. The stair climbing system utilized four pneumatic rods that raised the engineer on stilts and forward-mounted claws to secure and propel itself on to the next step.