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About Us

Diligence, Passion, Pride!

Triton Robotics was founded in 2018 by a group of aspiring undergraduate engineers who wanted to participate in RoboMaster, an international robotics competition hosted by DJI (Dai-Jang Innovations) in Shenzhen, China. Since then, Triton Robotics has grown into a full fledge student organization with the focus of making robotics accessible. Currently Triton Robotics consists of a dedicated group of 30+ student engineers from a diverse set of disciplines, covering anything from mechanical to software.

Our mission statement is “Diligence, passion and pride as collegiate enterprise for promoting robotics and other modern technological applications to students at UCSD and the greater San Diego area.”

As a member of Triton Robotics, there is an expectation to approach new ideas and concepts with an open mind. As students, we do not claim to be experts in the field, but we have the dedication to learn and apply a multi-disciplinary approach to robotics. Our leaders hope to nurture a defining sense of drive and professionalism among all members. Triton Robotics aspires to work at industry level standards as we tackle new ideas and challenges. We differ in approach relative to tradition project teams as we prioritize developing practical skills in development management, documentation, and cost-effective operation. We hope as you navigate this website that you can begin to see the passion that each of our members bring to the team!

Our current goal is to compete and become the best international team in RoboMaster. During this phase of Triton Robotics we hope to build the a strong foundation and knowledge data base in the hopes of expanding or transitioning to other robotic competitions previously accessible only to graduate or industry teams. . We hope you can be a part of that journey.